Scholarly Work

Saturday Night Live and American TV:

Indiana University Press


From Media, Culture & Society:

Start Making Sense:  A Three-Tier Approach to Citizen Journalism

From Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies (with Nick Marx):

Click Culture:  The Perils and Possibilities of Family Guy and Convergence-Era TV

From International Journal of Cultural Studies:

Here to help? Western intervention and gender in the Palestinian public sphere

From Columbia Journalism Review (with James Miller):

Straight new from the citizens of Syria

From The Journal of Film and Video (with Nick Marx):

Beyond a cutout world: Ethnic humor and discursive integration in South Park

From Cinema Journal:

The Arab Public Sphere in Israel: Media Space and Cultural Resistance (review)

From The Velvet Light Trap:

Hard questions: Public goods and the political economy of the new Palestinian televisual public sphere

From Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication:

Kafah and the Non-Profit Globalization of Palestinian Media

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